Elementary 1

Ages 5-7


This program is designed to provide a fun day of learning for your 6-7-year-old. We aim to keep it fun while growing in our ability to focus and observe other helpful classroom skills.

The program starts off will an hour of free play to develop their social skills and create connections with their peers. This time is vital in developing community amongst this age group and gives parents a chance to talk shop and reference one another on topics like curriculum, teaching multiple ages, or other challenges they may be facing.

The program also includes snack time and circle time where we build even deeper into their connection with one another.

The last hour and a half of our program are divided into two 45 min sections. The first is our group project time where children choose a group and a topic and work together for 6 weeks to come up with something they can present to the others in week 7. The second 45 min is our elective. This is where parents pull from their knowledge and ability to teach and volunteer to teach things like “pioneers”, “Spanish”, “art” or whatever it is you are able to impart to this group of eager learners.