We Are

We are a group of homeschooling parents that join together to create fun and exciting learning experiences for our children that are otherwise challenging to create in a home environment. Some of these experiences include circle time, show and tell, group projects and free play social time.

We operate as a co-op, meaning we can offer an opportunity for your kids to learn in a group environment and therefore can participate in activities that may be difficult to facilitate at home, especially for smaller families. It also means space is limited, so enrol your child today!


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We Meet

Pineland Baptist Church
5100 New Street, Burlington, ON, L7L 1V1
Every Tuesday
10:00am – 1:00pm

We chose this time because it makes it easier for families with younger children to be home in time for nap-time. This is not a drop off program and we do therefore require that parents remain in the building with their children for the duration of the program.

the Group

We are a Christian support group created to connect families while providing an environment for children to learn and grow together. Once a week we meet together to focus on creating opportunities for our children to develop in many different areas; social, academic, physical and spiritual.

We are all volunteers and we need your help to create a fantastic program. If you want to get involved we ask that you help by volunteering in the electives and activities that make our group amazing. If this seems a little scary, don’t worry, there are other experienced parents around to help you out!


Nursery [Acorns] (0 – 3 Years)

A place for little ones to play while their older siblings are involved in the other programs. We do not have formal programming for this group and only accept children with older siblings

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Pre-schoolers [Sprouts] (4-5 Years)

This class is designed to provide a fun day of learning for your little one. In this group we introduce structured programming as well as group learning, while keeping them moving and engaged.

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Elementary 1 [Sapplings] (6-7 Years)

At this level, children will have the opportunity to work in groups on collaborative projects. This level also has a new and exciting elective to enjoy for each of our 4 terms.

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Elementary 2 [Oaks] (8-9 Years)

In Elementary 2, children will deepen their experience in group work and electives. This level is more advanced but much the same as the Elementary 1 structure.

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Middle Schoolers [Voyagers] (10+ Years)

This group is a new addition this year and will include group projects and elective learning. Our middle school group is a safe place for children to dare to risk and try new things.

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Halton Homeschooling meets every Tuesday from 10:00am – 1:00pm. Because of the space available to us at our current facility, we do have a limited registration of 15 kids per program (75 kids total), so please register early to ensure that your child has a spot in this program.

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